Which NBA Players Would Make the Best Interns?

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While watching an NBA game and seeing John Wall whip a cross-court pass, Russell Westbrook rip down another board, or Demarcus Cousins pick up another technical, I’m sure that many wonder: Would any of these guys be a good intern?  OK, that’s probably a stretch. There probably aren’t that many who have pondered this question, but I thought it might be fun. In no particular order, here are my five choices:

  1. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs – Quiet, diligent, hard-working. He sounds like the perfect intern and would be a good fit with the rest of this talkative group. You always need one intern who will keep their head down and keep plugging away no matter the task.
  2. Boris Diaw, Utah Jazz – Would bring some much-needed international perspective and a grounded sense of self. Plus, it could only help that he is a coffee aficionado, just saying.
  3. Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers – A no-brainer. He’s got a great sense of humor and an on-point social media game. He easily could run a couple of client Twitter accounts and grow them exponentially. His manager would just have to check the client accounts every once in a while to make sure Embiid wasn’t promoting himself too much.
  4. Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers – Demanding, know-it-all, perfectionist. The “Point God” would run the office like he does a team, flawlessly. An office always needs one of these interns. Even if everyone hates them you cannot deny their work or impact.
  5. Isaiah Thomas, Boston Celtics – I have to be completely honest, this answer is simply because he is my height, and I wouldn’t be intimidated by his size.

Bonus Question: Which NBA player would be the worst intern?

Grayson Allen, Duke Blue Devils

I know he is still in college but he’ll be in the NBA soon enough and his attitude and petulance warrant special inclusion.  Moody, entitled, vindictive … I wouldn’t want to stand in line behind this guy, let alone work on a marketing pitch or a research project with him. When you have a tripping compilation video on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views, you’re probably not going to mesh well with a Tuesday morning check-in. Allen is definitely the intern who interviews well, goes through the hiring process, has orientation and after the first week realizes he doesn’t want to do the internship anymore. He spends the rest of his internship showing up late, picking petty fights with co-workers, purposefully does a poor job on assignments and then quits a few weeks in by way of a 10-word email, “I won’t be coming in today or anymore. Thanks, GA.”  (I just assume he would sign his emails with his initials; he seems like the type.)

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