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We engage people and communities to advance organizations whose work improves the lives of individuals and strengthens the communities they call home. We bring people together around new ideas and shared goals and craft inventive, thought-provoking messages delivered through words, images and sound. We create organizations and enhance existing ones to spearhead and support causes and initiatives that make a difference. When nonprofit organizations, private sector companies and government agencies want to change the way they engage and have a lasting impact, they turn to LRG.


Founded in 1996 with a single contract and a staff of three, LRG is one of the fastest growing, full-service professional services firms focused on engagement in the country. Our team of nearly 50 writers, editors, graphic designers, videographers, website developers, event planners, grassroots organizers, nonprofit managers and subject matter experts provides a range of engagement services, including communication, outreach, event management and organizational development. LRG is among the top 10 public relations firms in the Washington, D.C., area according to the Washington Business Journal.


It’s one of the largest events put on by the federal government and they turned to LRG to make it happen. The 2016 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care and Treatment is a weeklong event that attracted an audience of more than 2,400 people.

Everyday, LRG staff are on the front lines of supporting service members making the transition to civilian life ready for a career. Working for the U.S. Veteran’s Administration, LRG supports the vision of Veteran’s Opportunity to Work/Hire Heroes Act by providing training service members in ten locations around the country.

It’s not an easy task to tell the story of the people and organizations who support our military service members and families in communities around the country. The Association of Defense Communities turned to LRG’s talented writers, editors and designers to create a new magazine, "America’s Defense Communities," in less than three months.

World TB Day highlights USAID’s efforts to eradicate a deadly disease that affects a third of the world’s population, and LRG plays a lead role sharing this story as the strategic communication advisor.


building influence, creating impact


To create impact, you need to educate, advocate and lead people to take action or make a change. Effective outreach requires the ability to understand and convey key needs, concerns, issues and solutions. It’s an art that draws on a broad array of skills and talents. LRG’s communicators, facilitators, grassroots organizers and subject matter experts possess the skills and experience necessary to design unique outreach strategies that will attract support for a cause, program or project.


We don’t just create words or pictures. We convey your message through print and digital content, marketing materials, videos, photography, websites, social media and more. Our award-winning communications professionals explore your goals and develop custom strategies to help you reach them by developing unique campaigns that achieve results. Let us tell your story.


Every program — whether it’s a small workshop or a national convention — poses its own unique challenges and opportunities. LRG’s expert event planners are well equipped to make every meeting a success. We handle every aspect of your event, including venue research, vendor selection, budgeting, publicity and everything in between. LRG will ensure your event runs smoothly and that its momentum continues long after the last session ends.


We help organizations of every size and type grow at just the right pace by guiding strategic discussions, leading financial management, improving the use of fiscal and staff resources, providing specialized training and helping organizations achieve their missions while serving their stakeholders. We also provide direct, comprehensive staffing support to federal clients on a variety of projects.

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a reputation for results

LRG specializes in Defense, Economic Development, Land-Use Planning, Nonprofits and Associations, Public Health, Public-Private Partnerships, Workforce Development, Veterans Support.

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